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Nuclearis was created in 2009, focused on providing power plants Atucha I, Atucha II and Embalse Power Plants in Argentina with precision mechanical components.


The first pieces developed were critical precision parts to be installed in the reactors vessel, together with every Uranium Fuel Element in both Atucha Power Plants (PHWR), of German origin by SIEMENS - KWU.

In order to manufacture those components, Nuclearis built automate production lines of its own design and it developed special productive processes that were approved by the state own company Nucleoelectrica Argentina S.A. (NA-SA) operating Power Plants in our country. The first productive piece of equipment was a robotic machine in charge of high precision electroplating over an internal component of Atucha’s Reactor which had to work under certain operation conditions inside the core, and neutronic radiations as well as high pressure and temperature of main circuit inside the cooling channels. Since 2010, Nuclearis has steadily provided those components without complains proving technology soundness and efficiency. 

Such technological success allowed Nuclearis to have an exponential growth addressing bigger nuclear projects and new and complex reactor's components.

Nuclearis is currently leading different projects working with a team of highly experienced engineers. Those projects include mechanics, automation and control, reactors infrastructure work and especial productive processes development.

In 2013 Nuclearis broadened its activities in order to focused on Basic and Detailed Nuclear Reactors Engineering mainly for the SMR Power Plant (Small Modular Reactor) called CAREM 25 currently under construction in Argentina.

Nuclearis has certified to ISO 9001: 2015 including: Manufacturing of mechanical components for the nuclear industry and engineering project management of Nuclear Reactors.

In order to expand its business Nuclearis opened its USA offices in 2018. It is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2019 the company opened its first office in China, in the city of Shanghai.

Nuclearis is now working in a new project to broaden its activity. The new business unit is called “Material Organization” and it will allow the company to be supplier of Nuclear Materials assuring their quality and their traceability, guaranteeing that all operations, processes and services related to purchasing, manufacturing and provisioning of those components are within ASME BPVC section III, NCA-3800 framework.

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