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Top-Notch Cooperative Commercial Partnerships

We have developed an excellent relationship with our clients creating global commercial partnerships with certified suppliers in order to assure quality of our products.

We have partners in three different continents working in different and complementary areas. In China we have cooperation agreements focused on control and nuclear research. In Canada we are focused on metal components and equipment supply. In Germany we are interested in providing specialized measuring instruments.

These are our strategic partnerships. If you are interested in a mutual cooperation agreement, please contact our Public Relations department.

International Commercial Partnerships

China Nuclear Power Operation Technology Corporation, Ltd.

It offers maintenance services for nuclear power plants, nondestructive tests, equipment design and
testing, power plants lifetime management, nuclear energy simulation technology, and product development.

It also provides research of nuclear energy operation technology and technical services. It was created in 1982 and it is located in Wuhan, China. CNPO (China Nuclear Operation Technology Corporation LTD) is a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Power Co, Ltd.

Nu-Tech Precision Metal, Inc.

It is a manufacturer of piping and titanium seamless pipes.

It manufactures standard and nonstandard size pipes with almost any allow.
It is the only supplier of zirconium allow pressure pipes for the Canadian nuclear industry.
Since 1960, it has manufactured specialized metal extrusions, different manufactured pieces and components that are welded using titanium, zirconium, niobium, hafnium, tantalum, beryllium and copper, nickel and steel alloys.

Gantner Instruments, GmbH.

Created in 1982, Gantner Instruments focuses on distributed measurement systems and I/0, as well as measuring mechanical, thermal and electrical quantities having excellent performance and flexibility even in complex applications.

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